The English tutoring support you are looking for is at The English Classroom. I provide individual and group lessons for primary school, high school and university students in a calm, ideal relaxed environment. I'll show you how to write essays and help you prepare for HSC English exams. Please see below for a further breakdown on the tutoring services I provide.

HSC English tutoring

Achieve the best possible results with one-on-one HSC English tutoring in Newcastle. I will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and ensure you feel comfortable and confident when it comes to sitting your exam.

High School English tutoring

Understanding your teacher in a busy classroom can be difficult. My individual and group lessons target everything from spelling and grammar, to essay and creative writing.

Primary English tutoring

My fun and engaging primary English tutoring sessions will give your child a head start with reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

NAPLAN preparation

Being well prepared for an English exam is the key to success. I will make sure your child feels confident when it comes to their NAPLAN exam.

University English support

Ensure your Literature Review, Report or essay is completed to the highest level with the support I provide for university students. I will work with you throughout the process so you feel confident with the final result.

Essay writing

Not sure what an essay even is? I know! And I can make it simple.

English language classes

Get the hang of difficult spelling, grammar and punctuation in my tailored English language classes. I will work with you so you feel comfortable with the most complex language structures.

English literature

My English literature lessons cover everything from creative writing skills and techniques through to the study of Shakespeare and more. Feel calm and competent with my experienced and thorough English teaching today.

Creative writing

Creative writing is mandatory in both HSC English and often in NAPLAN but so many students don't know where to start. Promise I know the secrets!

Reading lessons

Does your child struggle with reading and comprehension? My supportive one-on-one reading lessons will help your child build the confidence they need.

ESOL lessons

My ESOL lessons in Newcastle will help you become confident with your English skills. All classes are held in a quiet and friendly environment where you can concentrate without distraction.

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